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Special Services for Special Fliers Via Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number

Traveling is an experience that is mandatory for everyone to enjoy as many times as you can. The team at Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number believes that one must take this experience frequently. And to make this dream possible the airlines not only offers but amazing services that help to make travel comfortable for all. The airlines have special arrangements for all its passengers but it takes special care of its passengers with sensory impairment. Read on to know about some special features that you will experience once when you have to fly with us. Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number brings you a brief of the services. 

For Visually Impaired Passengers 

A visually impaired flier is not required to have an assessment of the level of fitness for travel with them. The airlines offer visually impaired fliers the following assistance:

  • Special briefing in the event of delays and all other vital travel announcements though Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number.
  • Physical assistance, such as being accompanied at the airport
  • Distinct, individual safety briefings
  • Guiding you about the arrangement of food on the meal tray
  • The staff at Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number will also be happy to help you with your destination or if you need to change flights. They will guide you across the airport exit or look after you until you catch your connecting flight. For longer stopovers, the airlines have set up a waiting lounge and can take visually impaired passengers there.

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Services to Hearing Impaired Passengers Through Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number

The Lufthansa offer the following assistance to hearing-impaired passengers

  • Special briefing in the event of delays and all other vital travel announcements
  • Distinct, individual safety briefings
  • For entertainment with German and English subtitles
  • The staff at Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number will also be glad to help our fliers at your desired destination or if you need in switching the flights. They will guide you to across the exit at the airport or take care of you until your connecting flight. For longer stopovers, the airlines have set up a waiting lounge and can take hearing-impaired passengers there.

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Information for Passengers with a Cognitive Impairment

  • Lufthansa carries passengers with cognitive impairment. However, it is important to note the following points:
  • The routes through international airports are generally long and complex and fliers may have difficulty in finding their way around and communicating. 
  • Security, customs and police checkpoints may result in stress and anxiety.
  • Make sure you are aware of the Flight Status of Lufthansa Airlines through Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number. 
  • It is absolutely vital that the flier is able to follow the crew’s safety instructions during the flight, in the event of turbulence.
  • The coping abilities of an individual with a cognitive impairment should never be misjudged. In the case of any specific impairments which lead to disorientation or confusion, there is a threat that the flier will not pay attention to the safety instructions issued by the flight attendants. 
  • Additionally, unforeseen consequences may occur if the flier lands from their flight without supervision as they could get lost in the airport buildings or within the airport periphery and become increasingly confused. 

Travel companions

Please note that a travel companion will be necessary in the following cases:

  • If the flier is unable to help themselves in the event of an evacuation
  • When the flier cannot communicate with flight attendants about safety instructions, they can easily contact Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number.
  • If the flier unable to understand or follow the safety demonstration
  • However, staff cannot provide the following services:
  • Providing assistance in the lavatory
  • Lifting or carrying fliers with immense care though the experts at Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number.
  • Assisting fliers with meals
  • Monitoring medicines or supervising the taking of medicines. 

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